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Today I spent the afternoon at a lovely book shop ‘Simply Books’. Is a quaint little book shop in a small village in Cheshire. Its the tiniest little place spread over two levels. Selling beautiful books alongside exquisite tea, coffee and home-made cakes. Just delicious.

It was so peaceful as we sat and chatted about all things girlie… Well maybe not all things girlie. Still array of fanciful books and gifts surrounding us lead to discuss the up and coming festive season.

I’d always loved christmas. The preparation, the school shows the choir singing, the presents the smiles I loved it all but I don’t know the last year or so I just find it well I don’t know lonely, sad… I want to enjoy it just feels like somethings missing. This year I really need to try very hard to enjoy it. Maybe that’s it I just need to try harder!

After a lovely afternoon I popped into my school, oh that sounds good. And you know I was actually happy to pop in. And oddly am looking forward to tomorrow. I think I’m liking this. which is amazing after the start I had last week, nightmare cold, troublesome teens who knew I wasn’t doing so great fireworks in he corridor then a fight. But everyone was so nice I like that. The thing I’m certainly liking the most though not having to fly out of the door at 3 o’clock pick up from school. I never thought I’d say that either. I really missed it in September. Standing in the playground waiting for my little treasure to come out swinging his bag. I really missed it.

After leaving school armed with all I need to make tomorrow run smoothly (I wish). Heading for the local gym to arrange a visit for my year 11 my head swimming with the possibilities of events and guest speakers I can bring in to make class more engaging for the students. I’m so looking forward to it.

  So far so good I’m thinking until I settle myself on the sofa to watch a bit of TV. I’ve been watching back episodes of One Tree Hill on On demand. It’s great because I like something on while I’m working I find it easier to remain focused when I’ve got something to watch while working. Crazy I know I think it comes from growing up in a noisy house. Either that or the fact I have a concentration span of like two seconds!!!

Anyway as I was saying I’d been happily watching One Tree hill and had like two episodes left of the whole series and its gone nowhere to be found on my TV. AGHHHHHHHHHH I can’t bloody believe it. Two bloody episodes!

So nothing to watch.

Oh well sky news it is and an early night I’ve got an early start tomorrow.



About angejay18

I am 40 yrs old and i think could be going through a mid life crisis... but i'm not sure. I enjoy writing and am in the process of publishing my 2nd book
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