Its late

Where to begin. You could be forgiven for thinking there might be something juicy or interesting to write about today but really there isn’t well it wasn’t totally boring it just wasn’t like totally out there either.

The day started with a storytime session at my sisters playgroup. It was… Fun, yeah I enjoyed it despite struggling to talk with my croaky voice, hacking cough and snuffly nose.

I have to say it’s kind of interesting reading to a bunch of littlies between 1 and 3 years of age. There are the ones to young to sit for more than a nano second. The ones who want to be right up front but not allowing anyone else to see. Then there are the ones who are totally engaged in the story. So my session at the playgroup was rather short but most enjoyable.

My afternoon umm not much to report I’m afraid. Can’t actually tell you where the time went but went it did. Actually that’s not strictly true that call I was hoping to et yesterday I got today. And do you know it made me smile. So yeah my afternoon was good. NO better than good. Because we talked and it was , well it was relaxed, I think. And you know what every time I speak to my friend I feel like I know him a little bit more. Which is a bit strange because I feel like I know him.I feel this connection. He feels it too. I know it. It was there from day one.  Not often I connect like that to anyone. I just don’t. So this afternoon was good. I got to chat to my friend.

And I did make dinner sassy salmon topped with honey and mustard… Delicious.

Then I made arrangement to meet the future father of my baby. Although it won’t be for another week or so as hes off on holiday for a week. I have thought about nothing else, ok so maybe I have but the possibility of a ne baby has certainly most definitely been in the forefront of my mind. Today I took the steps to confirm this was something I am seriously thinking about. Actually in my head its on a dead cert. Sometimes things happen for a reason and this I think is one of those times.

This evening, after spending a little quality time with a very special  little man in my life I settle down for a quiet evening thing maybe I’d have a bath or an early night. Nothing special just chill.

Oh what I forgot from this afternoon is after reading an email from my friend in the USA I came up with an idea for my children’s book range. So this evening I created the initial draft of that idea. It’s about a little girl who likes to ‘watch’ everything but doesn’t like to join in.  The story sees the character take on a very important role and very much rise to the occasion… This is however a very sketchy brief of the plot. That whole can I trust should I trust raises its head again. Although looking at the stats from my site I don’t think I have much to worry about but you just never know and I wouldn’t like to take any chances. I mean I spent like the whole night and looking at the time we are talking the whole night so maybe to be a tad causious is no bad thing!!

So there we have it an oddly uneventful but strangely eventful day in my life.

On a very very positive note NO DISASTERS have yet befell me thank goodness.  

Sassy salmon recipe

Take a filet of salmon (skinless) if not grill on the side of the skin first then remove the skin.

Prepare the honey and mustard topping. 1 spoonful of honey 1 spoonful of mustard mix together

Cote the salmon with the honey and mustard topping

Place under a moderately heated grill and grill until the salmon is firm

Serve with parsley Baked potatoes / rice vegetables of your choice

Serve and enjoy x


About angejay18

I am 40 yrs old and i think could be going through a mid life crisis... but i'm not sure. I enjoy writing and am in the process of publishing my 2nd book
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