Having spent half the day in bed, literally half the day. I have never done that before, even when I’m ill. I get up. But you know today I felt like crap had been up all night with this crappy cold and cough so figured I’d make a cuppa take it back to bed and read my book and that is exactly what I did. I managed to read half my book amazing could even get used to it!!

I only got up because I was aask to pick my sister and her girls up to bring them over for the Halloween party, otherwise would probably have stayed there all day. Odd really because it was only last week I was tellin a friend how I really couldn’t stay in bed all day, then a week later I’m there in bed all day… Crazy.

My  youngest sister who has a house ful of kids, 5, 4 girls and 1 little boy, is very creative so when the special days lke birthdays, halloween, christmas ect… she dresses up the house it looks fantastic puts on a party and fun is had by all. Today was no exception the kids had a great time they get dressed up,, trick or treat the neighbours eat way to much sugar as they can, then sleep like logs for the night. A childs idea of heaven I’m sure, possibly the only day of the year they get to eat as much sugar as they can and no-one complains or takes it away. This year was no exception although I think the decor was better than ever it really look like a dungeon. With freaky talking skeletons, dangling cobwebs alongside spiders and bats galore bloody fantastic.

All in all the halloween treat which the children and teens for that matter in the family look forward to every year has to be deemed a success. When one of the younger children were asked what they had been doing her response was so adorable it made everyone laugh.

Nana; What’ve you been doing ?

4 year old girl : Collecting sweets. I’m an evil witch, look wooooooo

So as all the other kids were teat or treating baby beautiful was colloecting sweets as a witch. This readers is why people have childen. Its the innocence they possess, it’s the cuteness of how they see things. I mean lets face it we spend most of there lives telling them they can’t talk to strangers they mustn’t knock on the doors of people they don’t know. Then it gets dark we dress them up in crazy costumes then send them out to ask every Tom Dick and Harry for sweets. Then a fews weeks later we thrust them onto the lap of a strange guy dressed in a red suit with a white beard and ask them to share their hearts desired wish… I do wonder what the little minds of our young must think, as the festivities end the spring springs and we freak out if they so much as look at a stranger let alone ask them for sweets or attempt to engage in conversation. Then the weather tturns the nights get dark and we do the whole dressy up taking sweets from strangers again! These little creatures must think we big creatures are very odd indeed and lets face they are not wrong are they??? I’ts no wonder that by the time they’re teenagers they just do their own thing how can tey trust us, the adults, we keep changing the rules so they no doubt figure they’re better off to make their own rules. Lets face it the adults don’t have a clue, do they??? So the next time one of my wonderful nieces or indeed my growing nephew tells me I’m stupid, I don’t know anything, I might just have to take a moment before I reply. Thay may have a point.

Over a coffee with my longest, closest friend the  discussion turn to kids, as it often does. I hinted that there may be a way forward for me, in the baby department. Without to much detail my friend, amazingly said exactly what I was thinking if the doctor gives the go ahead, why not. “It’s what you’ve always wanted” she said. It is what I’ve always wanted I thought as I stood there allowing images of cute babies to run through my mind.

So the first job on my list in the morning is to speak to my doctor, set up an appointment to discuss my ‘options’. My doctor may be surprised at the speed of my return to her clinic. However, now I’m feeling the need for anwsers more than ever and it’s answer I intend to get as soon as possible. It’s the future I’m thinking about. A future I’m wanting to plan.

All in all, my nasty cold besides I’d have to say today was mostly an enjoyable day. Mind you I did spend half of it in bed. Maybe thats the answer to my disasterous life, spending as much of it as possible in bed. UUMMM maybe not…


About angejay18

I am 40 yrs old and i think could be going through a mid life crisis... but i'm not sure. I enjoy writing and am in the process of publishing my 2nd book
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