A busy sort of day, starting with a storytime at a lovely cafe in West Didsbury. A well attended event even if I do say so myself. With a good age range of children in attendance I’m rather looking forward to next week.

 A successful storytime was  followed by a coffee at lunchtime with a friend. It has to be said I had mixed feelings about our meeting. I was looking forward to seeing him, we haven’t talk much recently. I had been a little worried over the weekend. I’m not to sure why but I had this feeling something wasn’t right so when he suggested we meet for a coffee I was please but well… A litttle nervous I suppose.  Which is just ridiculous really. What would I do if he told me he was seeing someone else? God I really don’t know, I mean it’s not like it would be any of my business let’s it he’s free to do whatever he wants but oh my God right now when I’m just getting my self together. ( I wish)  It’s really not something I want to hear.  Not that I don’t want him to be happy in fact thats what I want more than anything, he deserves it he really is one of the good guys. My worries aside we had a lovely catch up over coffee. Interestingly we talk about the whole books in pubs thing. It would appear some pubs have like fake books, well apparently in London they do. Just to make the place look nice, homely I suppose. Thats just crap though really if your going to have books they have to be ones people want to read. I’d better watch that as I embark on my research. I think I will start tomorrow. I’m going to go into a pub in ummm where maybe Levenshulme to see if they have any books, and I’m going to check there not fake, like just to make it look like they care about books in their pub. In fact I’m going to try a different pub every day! OK so maybe I might not check out a pub everyday. Do you think it’s ok to just go in and look for books? I’ll try it. I don’t want to look like some saddo in a pub on my own God only knows how that could end up!!! Anyway I had a nice chat with m y friend, I hope he did. I think he did. I think we’re ok.

My afternoon was spent wandering around the shops passing away the time before a physio appointment to continue the repair of my back and neck injury from my recent car accident. A rather dishy young man manipulating my spine back into place, there are worse ways to spend your early evening.

My evening has been spent with my lovely adorable niece. What has become a rare pleasure, from what used to be a regular affair watching the growing confidence of a little girl whose little life so far has been uphill is such a delight. As she indulges in the creative world of cut and stick, carefully checking each masterpiece before declaring it complete. Her tiny hands slowly choosing the colours, shapes and designs. A creative talent I’m quite sure will continue to grow and flourish. Finally she sucumbs to the lateness of the hour as she flops into her bed carefully position next to mine as we work our way through an inordinate number of stories slowly her fight subsides her eyes close as her tired tiny hands fall listlessly over the edge of the bed. sleep finally taking over, I lay next to her  watching for a few moments as she sleeps. The love I have for her fighting the sadness creeping in to soon, a sadness I know will overwhelm me when tomorrow comes and I return my little cute home to her mummy. But for now the pleasure of her dazzling company I will cherish  while in the more immediate her sleeping form I will treasure heading downstairs to where the scatter of her handy work waits.

And as another day ends I thank God for the tranquillity of a disaster free zone.  Again long may it last.

Maybe just maybe things are looking up!


About angejay18

I am 40 yrs old and i think could be going through a mid life crisis... but i'm not sure. I enjoy writing and am in the process of publishing my 2nd book
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