Tuesday… Couldn’t face monday

It may appear my ambition; maybe ambition is a bit overstated… Anyways I had planned to chart how things in my rather eventful life until the end of the year already I miss a day. I feel with good cause. Yesterday, Monday was the funeral of a friend, actually brother of my ex boyfriend, Anthony who sadly past away at the age of 48… A sad loss to so many. And somehow it just didn’t feel right to write my blog on such a sad day.

And so here I am at my laptop watching TV while charting the events of my day.

At the unearthly hour of a round 7am this morning I woke with the worst headache I have ever had, it truly felt like my head might explode, I crawl out of bed downed 2 paracetamol and 2 ibrophofen before sliding back under the covers willing the pain to subside. I woke about an hour or so later to realise with releif the handful of pills had work their magic.

A few jobs were on my list of things to do for today, nothing majorly exciting but still needed to be done. Firstly hover my sitting room it look a mess. So while the kettle boils in preparation for my morning coffee which I decided should be tea today given the pain in my head. I run the vac over the sitting room. Least I will enjoy my breakfast now.

By noon I was wondering around Waterstone’s browsing ‘Halloween’themed  books in preparation for the storytime session I will be hosting tomorrow.  A selection of hopefully suitable books in hand I head back to, well to what. So I decided it was time to spend a little time with my nieces an hour or so later we are sitting in the cinema as the rain fell outside muching popcorn watching the expoits of ‘A Diary of a whimpy kid’ . as the littlest wisest 6 year old I know pipes up with ‘even Sophie isn’t that mean’, in response to the mean big brother in the movie… I couldn’t help but smile she is such a wise one is this little girl whose mere existence is a miracle. While her big sister, whose equally miraculous existence chomps her chocolate  while nodding agreement to her younger sisters comments. Let it be said their older sister is actually really quite lovely maybe our afternoons entertainment may reinforce that for the sisters!!

Then it’s off to Art of tea, after delivering the children home to their parents that is, for a cuppa and a chat with a friend. by which time I have to say my late nights, lack of sleep headache fuelled early morning call had started to take its toll. Discussion ranged from love life (lack of it), work, (lack of it) money, (lack of it)… you getting a theme here then christmas and new year what to do or not. Getting away top of my list staying home and possibly in bed top of hers’. My choices to date  a trip to Dc to visit friends possibly combined with a trip to San Diego would be lovely to catch up with everyone but the idea of spending the holidays with friends who have very much moved on in the whole family stakes well just doesn’t fill me with joy. I think it may just make me miss even more what I don’t have. Not that I’m not happy for my friends of course I am I’m delighted for them its great and really I mean it. Just at this point in my life I don’t feel like rubbing salt in my rather open wounds. My childless life will always be my childless life unless of course there is some medical science thing I haven’t been told about yet. I just need to get my head around the latest revelations relating to my desire to procreat. I don’t really think cosying up with it is something I can do, spending time with family right now takes all my energy. Then there is option 2 (and if I’m honest this is winning) renting a cottage in the country, with an open fire hiding out for the week, possibly longer depenent on funds, taking a note book a generous supply of pencils and my laptop. In fact the more I think of this idea the more I like it. The only problem of course is actually I would really like to have option 3 but well he might be otherwise engaged! I must confess to not discussing option 3 over our cuppa. I don’t think it would have gone down  to well. The knowing smile, almost hiden, told me everything as we discussed the love life, (lack of it) part of our afternoon over tea and cake. The cake here is just to good to resist. Not as good as mine though. I am good at cakes. Thank goodness.

All seems to be going well until we are in the car the lovely shiny new black car I picked up from the garage less than a week ago starts bleeping like crazy flashing the word STOP aross the dashboard! My heart sank… for cying out loud I shouted at it, my car that is. Surely it can’t break down already I’ve only had it a few days. So top of my to do list tomorrow is a trip to Citreon. 12 grand and back at the garage in less than a week… GREAT

And no I haven’t forgotten my quest to discover if all the pubs in Didsbury have books and more importantly do pubs in other neighbourhoods have books at all? or is it a Didsbury thing. I’m on it, well it’s on my list, thats as good as on it.

I’m almost through the whole series of Westwing series 4 on catch up TV I think over the past 3 days I’ve watch about 11 episodes so far, is that bad? I don’t care.I love Westwing, ER, Dawsons Creek and all that kind of trashy TV trashy I know but I love it. I think I should get myself off to bed early tonight, I still have my headache, I doubt I have a brain tumour or any such thing, the thought cross my mind this morning it has to be said. Yes I know my tenency to over react is really starting to show as I chart the events of my daily life. I’m hoping a good nights sleep, which I haven’t had in a while it has to be said, will do me the world of good.

So another day passes and MAJOR drama has been evaded again long may it last xx


About angejay18

I am 40 yrs old and i think could be going through a mid life crisis... but i'm not sure. I enjoy writing and am in the process of publishing my 2nd book
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