saturday night out

Well actually its early evening just before the Saturday night out.

Its been a rather quiet day, Finally I got the disc over to the publishers… Unbeleivable place to find in Accrington, thank God I didn’t entrust it to royal mail, they would have never found it I’m sure. So heres hoping by this time next week all the hard work, late nights and long days in lovely coffee shops of the last year will be available for the world to read. It’s strange really I mean I thought I would be delighted, estatic but well I’m pleased more than pleased thrilled but I don’t know it’s not the all singing all dancing I had imagined it would be. Maybe when its in print I’ll get more excited.

So that is pretty much it for today, so different from what my Saturdays used to be like. It was up at 8 off to lacrosse, back by lunch then off to swimming lessons,then dancing before  a trip to the farm for riding lessons slipped in somewhere before home with the kids then off to the shops with mum and Margaret. Then the evening spent with my nieces who would spend the weekend with me. It was crazy but I really miss it. I felt alive, I had no social life this was true but I didn’t mind I loved my busy weekends. I just feel so lost now really. And it has to be said I like the social life I have now but it’s no compensation for the way things used to be.

Oh dear that is starting to sound like a whine to me so I’m off to get myself ready for an evening with friends I might even try a few drinks in an effort to get some sleep tonight mind you it didn’t work last night maybe I just need more!!!


About angejay18

I am 40 yrs old and i think could be going through a mid life crisis... but i'm not sure. I enjoy writing and am in the process of publishing my 2nd book
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