Friday Night

Friday night… New car sitting outside my front door, a very lovely lovely black Citroen c3, anyone who knows me will recognise this little obsession of avoiding change and keeping with what has become my little trade mark, my own little tradition of just loving the little Citroen c3. This being the third in succession of this make and model I have purchased.

My day as ever didn’t quite go as planned the disc for the publishers is still sitting in my bag having not quite made it to its final destination.. It is now however top of my list for tomorrow, I know tomorrow is Saturday but that’s ok I only need to drop it off at the given address. However I did today flirt with the idea of entrusting my treasured disc which contains the entire contents of my new book to royal mail but it was just a flirt which I knew was going nowhere. Maybe I have inherited the control freak gene from my mother. Lord help us. It’s there I know it is!!! I’ll fight it and I will win!!!

Amazing absolutely Amazing I so far have gotten through today minus a disaster. That is of course if we don’t count as a disaster my lovely niece, bless, being abandoned at school, ok so abandoned may be a bit melodramatic (ok ok a lot melodramatic) as I later discovered how the abandoned child situation had arisen. A simple miss communication between pre programmed 9 year old, missing mother and childminder! The childminder had been told by said niece apparently her mother, who was at work would be coming to school to collect her and take her to her fathers… Better known these days as …. wit, as this was often the case on weekends she visited her father, the childminder had no reason I suppose to question the validity of the information, given this information  said childminder left school leaving said child at school aaarrrggghhh. 30 minutes later a rather calm lady from school office calls grandma who in turn calls aunty, me, to rescue said abandoned child.

As I make my way to school I imagine all sorts of things. Hysterical 9 year old in floods of tears, angry, well it is Friday afternoon after all wouldn’t anyone be just a bit peeved at having to stay late because someone else hadn’t got their act together, calm lady from the school office no longer calm. And as for the missing mother my mind was awash with the possibilities I had her under a tram in the city centre, collapsed unconscious in hospital having suffered some kind of major trauma or mowed down by a bus it was an endless list which was starting to become so real in my head I was freaking out about how I might break such news to an innocent 9 year old. My pulse racing as the sweat peppered my brow. I had to force myself to take deep breaths and calm down. In fact I had to get quite firm with myself.

Only to arrive and find a happy, well happi-sh 9 year old whose only complaint appeared to be the constant interruption to her reading to open the main school door for the various members of staff wishing to gain access, as she awaited my, or indeed anyone’s arrival. This and the huge amount of letters she had for her mother! It has to be said for a 9 year old left at school for an extra hour a remarkably relaxed little girl greeted my rather flustered hugely inflated blood pressured self. And the very lovely understanding office lady who really wasn’t fazed by the situation assured me ‘these things happen’ and I mustn’t worry little lady had had a biscuit while she waited.

As for the missing mother, whom I seem to track down much easier than the school office lady, with one phone call actually.  Causing the more suspicious part of my mind to wonder if the abandonment of said 9 year old was indeed deliberate, I promise as soon as this thought entered my head I  firmly removed it chastising myself for such callous thoughts! She, the missing mother was neither under a tram in the city centre, nor in hospital having met with some major trauma or involve in a collision with a bus but at work in a meeting which is why she had altered the regular arrangements which her pre programmed routine bound 9 year old had somehow filtered this information out of her brain or had it ever filtered into her brain one has to wonder, either way a simple miss communication between said 9 year old, childminder and school to the regular routine of an over worked mother was all that had happened. So no disaster.

This in my world equates to a good day. A day where nothing blew up, crashed or died  So today dear readers has been what I can honestly say a good day long may it last

So given the greatness of the day I’ve decided to go for gold, break out the vodka, well actually I finished it off by mistake, add a little coke with a lump or two of ice settle on my sofa in my pjs with my snugly soft blankly flick through the multiple channels on my TV before finally settling for Graham Norton and guest before I head to my bed for what I am hoping will be a restful… peaceful… sleep filled night after a rather uneventful day.


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I am 40 yrs old and i think could be going through a mid life crisis... but i'm not sure. I enjoy writing and am in the process of publishing my 2nd book
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